my review of WOLF, song by song

song by song review of WOLF 

I am going to break down my opinions and what I feel about every song, in order on WOLF. although I am biased in the sense I am a fan of Tyler, I will do my best not to let it sway my opinions in the reviews of these songs. 

now back to the album

1) Wolf

This is the song that introduces us to some of the general concepts of the album. “Fuck you”, “I know you think I’m crazy”, “I think you’re a fucking fag” are some of Tyler’s general ideologies. This also coincides with the story being built in WOLF, how Sam (one of Tyler’s alter egos) hates everyone. Maybe the fact that the name of the song is after one of the main characters in the story shows how Sam feels about Wolf, especially when he tells him to “fuck off”. Overall, this song introduces us to the album in a creepily way, but nevertheless, the song is quite enjoyable and it does have many different sounds in it that introduces us to this new direction that Tyler is going in, and as soon as the majority of the instruments kick in, you feel submerged in a wonderland of music and comforting beats. I think although short, this song is essential on the album, showing us many elements and introducing us to certain things we would be confused with if this song wasn’t on it. 

Rating: 8.5/10

2) Jamba

It’s no lie that this song goes hard and you can’t help but feel pumped up when you hear this combination of Tyler and Hodgy. While the beat can’t seem to escape your head and refuses to get soft, the lyrics are quite masterful and shows the true talents of Tyler and Hodgy. Whether it’s Tyler’s first verse which flows so well it’s hard to not get in on it with him (assuming you know the lyrics), Hodgy’s lyrical puzzle putting a whole new mindset for words that sound similar. Tyler’s third verse suggest that he smokes, although it is known he is “straight-edge” meaning he does not use drugs, especially marijuana, seeing as his friends use it (Hodgy especially), so he could be mocking them. It also isn’t a coincidence that Domo tunes in at the end sounding like everyone “C’mon my nigga you don’t even smoke”. This is somewhat a general consensus with people when they find out he does not smoke, saying how he’s weak. Along with the super catchy chorus, the intense rhymes show the capabilities of his mind and his thought process.

Rating: 9/10 

3) Cowboy

This is a song very similar to some of Tyler’s older work. Not in the sense of the beat or the chorus, but when you listen to the lyrics, it has the same general set up of lyrics which seem to be controversial. My apologies if this is confusing; in GOBLIN, many of the lyrics seemed to piss people off and make them resent him. Although people have claimed that he has changed, he has, in some regards. He later says in the album (Tamale) “They say I’ve calmed down since the last album, Well, lick my dick, how does that sound? Umm”. In here, he claims he hasn’t changed all that much, and Cowboy is a prime example. In it, he says many things that would upset people. For instance: “In a black hoodie, with a Arizona and a bag of Skittles” references Trayvon Martin, a teenager killed who was wearing a black hoodie and recently purchased an Arizona and a bag of Skittles before he was killed. And also “I was with Whitney smoking sitting at the dock in the Bay” makes notice to Whitney Houston, and her addiction to crack/cocaine which eventually led to her death. Many other lyrics are some that might make certain people upset, showing how Tyler is still the same old person back on GOBLIN, with little to no change, according to him. The beat and lyrics on this song grow on you over time, and eventually you will learn to appreciate it for what it is-witty rhymes and a catchy chorus. 

Rating: 7.5/10

4) Awkward

Ahhhhh this song. I think it’s safe to say that we have all experienced something like this sometime in our life. Meeting someone who sweeps you off your feet and you feel like you have butterflies in your stomach. I think it’s safe to say that this is one of the most songs on the album people can relate to the most (I certainly can). For now, I am going to ignore all of the “is it a song by Sam or Wolf” and just focus on the more important aspects. The beat is one that soothes and you could listen to forever, and makes you feel comforted, like you’re with someone in a bed, holding them in the sheets, relaxing and just enjoying the time you have. The piano truly does add to this making the song feel that much more comforting. Now, the lyrics. The lyrics show that Tyler has a crush on a girl, and still gets nervous around her, but is so glad that he’s found someone. He claims to be awkward, but he feels comfortable over time and really likes this girl. The first verse introduces us to Tyler at the time and shows that he is super psyched about this girl and how he’s beginning to like her. The second verse confirms this saying how he can be insecure, but he really likes her a lot and he can’t believe it. However, things take a turn for the worst in the third verse. He realizes that she isn’t as invested into this as she is and she tells him that they aren’t a couple, which seems to hurt Tyler a lot. He seems to put up a front saying “But hey, at least it was time spent” but later shows that deep inside, he still has her as his password so he is “always fuckin reminded” making sure he doesn’t make the same mistake in the future so he won’t be hurt like this again. Frank then tunes in to do the outro and his soothing voice could send anyone to sleep (in a good way!) and his high notes are that like no other. It’s debatable that this song is the best on the album-it’s certainly my favorite

Rating: 10/10 *favorite*


It wouldn’t really be a Tyler album without some song like this. Like Cowboy, many lyrics in this song are some that people would see as offensive. Let’s start with the beat. This sounds like something purposely made with the idea of mosh pits or some form of violence in mind (perhaps why the music video was of them wrestling?). It is an interesting beat, not necessarily one that gets in your head, but when you see the name of the song, you definitely remember what it sounds like. Now, the lyrics. The lyrics are typical ones you would find in a majority of his songs, not on WOLF though. On this album there are few songs like this. This song was definitely one people were chanting back when it came out on Valentine’s Day, but since then, it has definitely continued to age and now seems a bit dry-not to say I don’t like the song, but this song isn’t a favorite of many people. Although a decent beat and witty lyrics, the song doesn’t have much more to offer other than adequate rhymes and possible bruises the next time he plays it at a concert you go to. 

Rating: 7/10

6) Answer

It is known throughout Tyler’s music that his father left him before he had a chance to know him. His resentment towards his father and his eloquence about it has allowed him to be successful in his music, seeing as how he references him in many of his songs. Tyler seems to go back and forth about him hating his dad and how he is a “fucking faggot”, but he also switches to him wanting to talk to him wanting to “pick up and answer”. Syd offers some beautiful background and harmonizing, making it calm, but Tyler lyrics have a negative connotation (at least a majority of them do). Many of Tyler’s fans (or just people in general) can relate to this song and share the same emotions that he expresses in his song. It is important to have this song on the album, showing how although he is changing (at least it’s speculated that he is), he still has the same hatred for his father, but he would still be interested in talking to him. Although personally I can’t relate this song does speak out to kids with no father, plus the harmonizing by Syd is beautiful. 

Rating: 7.5/10 

7) Slater

For those who don’t know, Slater is the name of Tyler’s BMX bike. This song offers a very interesting insight as to where Tyler is in his life right now and the progress he has made. While the beat isn’t one of my favorites in particular, it is a unique one. The lyrics show where he is in his life right now and how he feels about it. In some regards, it’s a cliche because Tyler often expresses how he was “pushed into stardom” and how in some instances he hates being famous and wishes he could quit. Some of the words do blend together nicely (for instance, the second verse of the song) and flow nicely. Upon my first listen, I wasn’t all that impressed with a majority of the song. However, I do firmly believe that Frank’s harmonizing adds to the song tremendously. The last part of the song where his “bitch is on my handle bars” is my favorite part of the song, mostly because of it’s peaceful and relaxing. 

Rating: 7.5/10

8) 48

Given the amount of praise over this song, it seems that this could be one of the album favorites from everybody, especially seeing as it is one of Tyler’s favorites. The intro is Nas talking about the affect of crack on minorities. It then shows us the intro with Tyler and Frank about how you can get it from him in the continental United States (48 states I get it in). I think it’s also worth noting that on Frank’s album (Channel Orange) he had a song about someone who was affected from crack, maybe this song is coming from the dealers perspective and not the users. Overall, Tyler rhymes with words like he sells crack, but he has also noted that he doesn’t use drugs. Overall, this song is somewhat catchy and the lyrics are kind of witty, but I wouldn’t say this song is my favorite. I don’t quite understand a lot of the hype about it, but I can admit that it is a good song. 

Rating: 7.5/10

9) Colossus

This song is about how fans dickride Tyler often. Many times already this song has been compared to that of “Stan” by Eminem. The song does have lyrics that are interesting and make you keep paying attention so you can keep along. It’s known throughout the song that the person that Tyler is talking to is psycho, much like Tyler himself sometimes. This fan seems to be exactly like Tyler, who is unique and often says things like “fuck em” and is his own person. He has his own opinions and encourages his fans to be unique as well. It’s ironic that he loves and appreciates so much and does everything that he does, yet he isn’t his own person. He would think being exactly like Tyler would make Tyler like him, but in fact because he’s like him he would mostly likely not be too fond of him. It’s noticeable that at the end Tyler would do anything to shut the kid up and take his photo and eventually it just leads to him getting pissed off. The beat on this song is quite interesting and one you could listen to for a long amount of time. The lyrics are interesting and keep you listening throughout the song. 

Rating: 9/10

10) a. PartyIsntOver

The beat of the song is one that was expected out of WOLF, at least in my eyes. The echoing of Tyler’s voice and the background vocals add an eerie but soothing effect on the listener. This is definitely a song that someone would smoke to, seeing as it is a relaxed beat and also has a deeper meaning. “The Party isn’t over, we could still dance girl” and “take a chance with a nigga” show that he is talking about a girl (probably Salem). Overall, this song is fun to listen to and definitely not one to skip.

Rating: 8.5/10

b. Campfire

Ahhhhh campfires. Classic past time. Bundling up around a fire and making smores. Seeing as how Tyler loves lakes and camp and stuff, I’m surprised he didn’t make this song sooner. The beat not only traps you in it’s campfire like setting, but it becomes hard to pause when you don’t want to miss one millisecond of this calming, laid back song. I firmly believe this is one of the most underrated songs on WOLF. If people heard this side of Tyler, they wouldn’t have this misconceptions about other parts of his personality. You should play this song in your car on a relaxing road and put it on full blast. I wish it was longer, but oh well. 

Rating: 9/10

c. Bimmer

Releasing Bimmer as the second single (technically speaking) was a smart move on Tyler’s part, this song shows us some of the new style of music. The comparison of a girl he likes to a BMW car is one that isn’t unexpected from him, but it still sounds super nice. The soothing piano chords make us want more and Frank harmonizing near the end makes this song one that should be shown to all people being introduced into Tyler’s music. These three songs as a whole is one of the best combined on the album-one you shouldn’t ever skip and you should put on full blast. 

Rating (as a whole): 9.5/10

11) IFHY

The fact that Tyler got to work with Pharrell in the first place is quite amazing, considering that is his idol. Arguably, this is a song that everyone can relate to. Whether it’s being back and forth about how you feel about someone, or you feel like you’re getting played; “what the fuck, is this practice?”. He goes back to his old ways and he wants to strangle her and he hates her, but he actually loves her and she’s perfect in his eyes. It is also a common character trait in Tyler that he goes back and forth and he also has multiple personalities and multiple opinions that go back and forth. Pharrell harmonizing in the back is beautifully done and when the key line “I’m in love” comes up, you can’t help just melting and feeling the music hit your soul. But then Tyler takes it back around and tunes it back into the “I Fucking Hate You” which is much like Tyler’s general style in music. This song is one of the best off WOLF and it’s awesome they decided to make a music video for it. 

Rating: 9.5/10

12) Pigs

Many kids who get bullied at schools can relate to this song, seeing as it’s general theme is revenge for people who wrong you for being mean to you, or terrorizing you. Many fans of Tyler’s can relate to the theme of bullying or not being that accepted in their school. Now, this isn’t to say his fans are prone to school shootings or violence, but it is a common factor throughout his fans that they aren’t “accepted” at school and feel alone and bullied. This song speaks for those people who would act on how they feel and bring violence to their school. In the third verse, Tyler clarifies a few details saying that “music had nothing to do with my final decision, I just really wanted someone to come pay me attention”. Many times when a school shooting occur, this seems to be a general theme where the kid just wanted some attention or someone to listen. Michael Moore once asked Marilyn Manson “If you could talk to the kids of Columbine, what would you say to them?”, to which he responded with the iconic “I wouldn’t say a single word to them, I would listen to what they have to say. And that’s what no one did.”

Rating: 8.5/10

13) Parking Lot

This song doesn’t have much of a deeper meaning. Although it sounds appealing and has a nice beat, the lyrics are so-so I’d say. It was a smart decision to get Casey Veggies to do the hook. The beat is something that you would probably expect out of GOBLIN, but in Tyler’s third verse, some of the background beats start to turn into jazz, thus showing how he is progressing, not only in lyrics, but in beats as well. Mike G’s verse is good, I wish it was longer though, seeing as it is but a few lines. His line about coals/diamonds is one that reminded me of Mike G’s capabilities and how he is without a doubt the most underrated rapper in Odd Future. Certainly, I hope this song helps boost his career so he is more noticed. Tyler’s lyrics are alright, not ones to be super excited about, but not his worst by far. This song is one that you expect on all of his albums, but no one gets that hyped about. Although it is a good song, it isn’t the best on WOLF, but then again, not the worst. 

Rating: 8/10

14) Rusty

Whether it’s the catchy beat, the appearance by Earl or Domo, or the guest starring on David Letterman, this song is one that people will remember from WOLF. The classic beat sends us back to a simpler time (also noticeable that this sounds something that would EXACTLY come out of Domo’s mixtape No Idols). It’s catchy, gets stuck in your head, but you love every second of it. Letting Domo do the first verse and the hook is a smart decision, as he truly shows his talents as a rapper in this. Hopefully he will gain recognition for this that is much deserved (being Odd Futures’ second most underrated rapper). Tyler’s verse also is one that reminds us of his older self, but adds some new flavor that is noteworthy, and should be praised. Some of these lines are quite smart actually. “I’m harder than DJ Khaled playing the fucking quiet game” is one of my personal favorite lines. The style of the lyrics is similar to his old works, but he has improved a lot, so his lyrics are wittier. Sorry if this is confusing-similar style, but new and improved lyrics. Now, Earl’s verse is one that is pretty decent, but is cut off early by Sam as he kills Earl (notice that Tyler kills all of his friends in Window, but Earl wasn’t there to be killed, so he was offed in this album). Now, I wouldn’t go so far as to say this is Earl’s best performance, even in a Tyler song, but it isn’t his worse. I sure would have liked to know what the end of his verse was before Sam killed him.

Rating: 9/10

15) Trashwang

You should know first of all that this is a joke song. Yep, it wouldn’t be an album by Tyler without one. As he says on his Twitter, “TO THE KIDS WHO ONLY LISTEN TO THAT TRAP RAP SHIT DO YOU LIKE THE TRASHWANG SONG? I MADE THAT FOR YOUR KIND. LET ME KNOW.” So, right off the bat I expected some ignorant shit. The beat is definitely one you could hear at a concert. If you don’t wanna get in the pit at a OF show (I highly recommend going in) then you might wanna watch out when this song comes on. Now, the beat is one that gets you pumped up. Not much to speak about when it comes to the beat. It’s good, but again, he made this song mostly out of spite, which makes it hard to review. The lyrics is just something to pump you up, not any real meaning to them-although it is funny to see Taco, Jasper, Na’Kel and Lucas on a track. There isn’t much else to say about the song. 

Rating: 7.5/10

16) Treehome95

After his second performance on Jimmy Fallon, we certainly all got hyped up when he performed this song. It send you back to a peaceful age, where you feel like you’re in a field of grass just romping around, or lying down, looking at the stars and a overlooking a city (also one of the themes of WOLF as a whole). Not only are the lyrics sentimental, and the beat one that soothes you and makes you think happy thoughts, but the jazz like tune is one we want more of, and given that Tyler is a big fan of jazz and has expressed interest in making an album with it, if you like this song, you’re in luck! There isn’t much else to write about this song expect how peaceful and enjoyable this is. If you’re ever introducing someone to Tyler, this song is a must have. I wish the song was longer, but hey, enjoy it while you can! 

Rating: 9.5/10

17) Tamale

Ahhh Tamale. Arguably the most “turnt up” song of the album. It’s no lie (especially if you look at Tyler’s Twitter) that this is probably the song he looks forward to performing the most. There isn’t much deep meaning behind this song, it’s mostly just something to rap to at the concerts. As for my take on it, I thought it was interesting to have Tallulah do the hook. The beat is alright, not the best one on WOLF, but this song does provide some motivation, maybe to hit someone or work out, but something nevertheless. The lyrics don’t have too much of an important role, mostly just some rhymes to pump people up. I’m gonna have to agree with my friend Chris (im-a-walking-paradox) on this one though; this song is annoying. Although it pumps you up, after a few times this gets super annoying and the song loses interest, making it not that great 2 minutes and 46 seconds. 

Rating: 7/10

18) Lone

I’m gonna start by saying this: Lone is the most underrated song on WOLF, hands down. There is no doubt in my mind that this is one of the best songs on the album. If you’re still unsure, let me break it down for you, nice and easy. Let’s start with the beat. This is one that one can lay back to and relax, or go outside and skate around the city while putting this on full blast. This is the form of jazz that Tyler seems to be transforming into is one that is unique and mollify any troubles in your life. The violins and laid back piano, guitar and the saxophone (I believe)  make this a beat you can let your guard down to, so you can really hear him speak from his heart. His first verse is just like him; complaining about his current troubles (e.g. annoying fans, mortgage, etc.) but then through the second hook he transforms into his general theme of first/last songs on his albums (deep, personal and often times dark). He talks about the death of his grandmother, who he has mentioned previously in his music, seeing as she put up a place for him and his mom back when he made BASTARD. He explains how she died, the situation they were in and the severity of the matter. Although the death is a serious matter, Tyler finds a way to express it in a calming, but still sad way. When he utters those final words “She died that night” I get chills; every time. To me at least, this song is easy to relate to (due to the recent death of my uncle, in a similar way to Tyler’s grandmother), but people should appreciate this song for it’s relaxing and emotion evoking power. This will always be a song to listen to when I’m down, happy, whenever. More people need to praise this song, this is the direction you want Tyler to go in. It’s questionable if I will find another song that will speak to me in a special way this one did to me, and I hope if my uncle is out there, he knows that this song is what reminds me of him, because I know he would be proud. 

Rating: 10/10

Overall Review

So overall, this album was pretty solid, in my eyes. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been waiting for this song since GOBLIN came out, and it’s finally out. I think some of the transitions in between songs really added to the whole “story” idea of WOLF. I do think some parts of this song could have been tweaked, but I still do enjoy what was given in this album. I see myself listening to this for a long time, and having a sense of nostalgia back to when I’m at my current age, outside, listening to this album and bullshitting around with friends. I can’t wait to hear more of his jazz like progression. 

Overall Rating: 9/10

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